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Continuous Support and guidance which I got from team Abhimanu and from my teachers proved helpful in getting success.  I am really grateful to Abhimanu team for this. I wish Abhimanu keep on growing and helping students in their efforts. Thanks




I thank abhimanyus and its dedicated team for their constant support and motivation. The faculty members at abhimanyus were very committed and helped me in planning strategically and develop a focussed approach.I am thankful to god that I got an opportunity to be a part of abhimanyus which helped me in shaping my career as a civil servant.
Rupinderjeet k sc ldesm

 I want to thank abhimanu for guiding and motivating me through my preparation.the interview program was very helpful.
Thanks. Shubhdeep k

 I would like to give my heartiest thanks to the team of abhimanu's for the support and guidance given by them. They have played a very important role in my success. Name- Harveen kaur Rank- 57

I am thankful to the abhimanu team for their continous support throughout preparation regards sudhanshu

Loveleen - 4th Rank (SC) PCS-2013

 Civil Services Preparation requires consistent effort and a dedicated mentorship.I would like to thank the whole team of Abhimanu for being a wonderful mentor and helping me achieve success.
Dr Loveleen Kaur(4) sc

Kimmi Vaneet - 59th Rank (GC) PCS-2013

My hearfelt gratitude to Abhimanu for building a strong foundation and right strategy to reach the goal. I truly acknowledge its dedicated guidance and support during the preparation.


 Nitish Singla - 10th Rank (GC) PCS-2013

I am thankful to dedicated and experienced team of Abhimanyu's for their guidance and constant motivation in my success

Nitish Singla


 Harsharanjeet Singh - 56th Rank (GC) PCS-2013

Abhimanu's has played a very important role in my sucess.Iam thankful to Team Abhimanu for able guidance and inspiration. Harsharanjeet singh

Kamaljot Kaur- 2nd Rank (GC) PCS-2013

Preparing for civil services is a rigorous and demanding endeavour. Abhimanu provided me the necessary support and guidance. I wish to specially thank the team Abhimanu for the academic expertise and personal support they offered me which made all the difference. Thank you. Kamaljot

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General studies course includes study material and workbooks on various aspects of preparation like Indian History, Indian Polity, geography, Indian economy, Science, Science and technology in India, Culture of India, National and International institutions...



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